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Everybody Needs A Trusty Sidekick - Cool Hip Flasks And More!

The hip flask , far from just an easy way to sneak a drink on the go, has a long history as a commemorative gift item. Many are engraved with symbols of personal significance, anything from family crests to symbols of heritage, to memorable events and tokens of friendship. We take it one step further and offer a whole line of cool flasks , from sports flasks to flasks you can wear right on your belt! Flasks have a classy vintage appearance and a popular reputation among collectors, so we make it our goal to stock flasks the world's never seen before. We have celtic flasks paying tribute to the Celtic nations, and even tankards for a no-nonsense approach to alcohol consumption. We're not here to wave fingers, just provide you with the coolest hip flasks we can find at low prices. With your loyal sidekick at your side, there's no day you can't greet and conquer.

The hip flask has a surprisingly long history dating all the way back to the Middle Ages! In more modern terms, the hip flask became iconic as a way to subvert the US Prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s. Made small enough to tuck away discretely in a pocket or belt, the hip flask ensured that the intrinsic human freedom to drink could stay alive, regardless of politics. Today, these classic flasks remain valuable collector's items and an essential part of the past. Nowadays, we see flasks that are cooler than anything that's come before, featuring a wide array of licenses from art and culture. We offer unique specialty flasks with three dimensional engravings, and even flask belt buckles to ensure you always have access when you need it. Some even contain real Swarovski crystals for that sometimes-vital touch of class. You'll never have to have a dull moment in public again!

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